Month: June 2018

Thank you!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for a really enjoyable year with the wonderful 5B. We really appreciate all the kind words and gifts we received. Have a lovely and relaxing summer. Lots of love Ms Mack and Miss P xxx


P5B’s Got Talent!

What a fabulous and entertaining afternoon!! We loved inviting out p2 buddy class to come and watch our wonderful performers. Mrs McVicker certainly enjoyed it too and even joined in with a few of the acts! We had everything from magic and sketch shows to musical performances and dance. Brilliant effort, the pictures don’t do the talents justice!

Children’s parliament workshop

We had a great visit from Anna and Chelsea who work for the children’s parliament. They got us thinking again about the importance of children’s rights and were impressed with how much the pupils already knew. We looked through the UNCRC booklet and each designed our own shield that represented one of the rights that was most important to us.

Paper aeroplane challenge

All of the P5 classes took part in a paper aeroplane challenge today. We researched what aids efficient flight e.g. wingtips, aerodynamic shape and balance. We then tested our designs in a shady area of The Meadows (it was hot today). Finally each person had 2 throws to get their aeroplane to fly as far as they could. In Primary 5C the winner was Andrew, followed by Laila and Qing Yang. Can you spot why they travelled a good distance?

Beach party

Primary 5C had a beach themed party yesterday which was a lot of fun. Everyone was looking cool in their beach ware and shades. Outside in the playground we rotated round different activities: water pistols, sandcastle building, skittles and roll the coconut. Back in class, we played the beach towel game, had some contortionists displaying their limbo skills and surfed our boards.

Scottish Meal

P5B have excelled themselves by working together to create a Scottish 3 course banquet!! Many of them certainly enthusiastically consumed what was created!

A massive thank you to the parents who gave up their time and helped make it such a success!

Recipes to follow …

Watch out for these chefs on Master Chef in the future!

Pupil led number of the day

We have been using number of the day throughout the year to develop our numeracy skills. For the final few weeks of term the pupils have enjoyed taking the lead. Groups have created their own presentations with a variety of challenging questions. They then have had to be the teachers, help their peers and hear how others worked out the answers. I’ve been super impressed and Mrs Robertson and I have enjoyed getting to be the pupils!