Month: March 2018

Other egg photos


Egg Decorating Competition 5C

We had a lot of fun decorating eggs today and a mystery judge chose the three winners.

First was Laila and Lila with Harry Potter and Voldemort.

Second Maks with Jack Sparrow.

Third Rory with hedgehog.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for taking part.

Zoolab P5

We have been having a super session from Zoolab and finding out about some creatures which live in the rainforest. We have learnt about: the giant land snail, the giant African millipede, the tarantula and the royal python.

Let’s play ukulele

We are 2 weeks into our ukulele lessons now and everyone is doing really well. As we are building on the skills learned in p4 we are learning at a much quicker pace. Well done for the great ‘can do’ attitude 5B.

Maths Talks

We enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss and share the various strategies we use to solve calculations this weeks. Pupils began by working out each sum individually, then sharing in their groups what answer they got. Many then came to the front and enjoyed ‘being the teacher’, explaining their thinking brilliantly. I am really impressed by how articulate the class are when discussing maths, well done everyone!