Month: November 2017

Great trip

P5B learnt a lot and had a great trip to the Georgian House!


The Georgian House

P5B are having a fun time at the Georgian House! Don’t they look wonderful!

Sharing learning with our buddies

P5b were delighted to be invited by Miss Dougal and p2b to look at their wonderful play park designs. We were really impressed with the amazing creativity displayed, great job 2b! We used our knowledge of adjectives to help the primary 2s come up with a word bank which supported them with the writing lesson.

A herd of cows

P5B have made an excellent start to creating collage cows! They worked well, helped each other and did an amazing job of tidying up! Looking forward to completing them next week!

Problem Solving Math

Today Primary 5 are solving math problems that require a table to help thinking. 

We read the problem first then decided what we knew and what we needed to know. After we thought about what we were unclear about, what questions we had and what we were being asked to do. Finally we worked in groups to solve the problem.

P5a – Mary Queen of Scots

What a tremendous day in P5a! We worked in research teams to find information about the life of Mary Queen of Scots and practised our note-taking skills. Then each group chose a part of Mary’s life to act out in a tableaux. Can you guess which was the most popular part?




P5B iPad fun

There were lots of excited faces this morning as everyone logged onto their ipad  for the first time. Today we used them to carry our research all about the infamous Burke and Hare. Everyone was really engaged and was able to navigate their way successfully around the iPad.