Month: October 2017

More catapult challenge photos


Catapult Engineering Challenge

Teams of engineers have been busy designing, making, testing and adjusting catapults this week.   We learnt so much and importantly, had a lot of fun. 

An outstanding day for P5B

What a productive day in P5B today. We started by writing AMAZING descriptions of Autumn using similes and adjectives. I was delighted to see how well everyone self and peer assessed their work. We then rounded up what we have done in maths so far this term. It was great to see how confident the class were at discussing and sharing the most efficient strategy they would use to solve maths problems. To top off a fabulous day the class worked really hard during their tennis lesson. Everyone ended the day with their name on ‘Outstanding Day’,  I think you are all deserving of a weeks holiday! 

P5B Take a Tour of Old Edinburgh 

Despite the chilly weather we had a brilliant time on our tour with Mr Howie this morning. We became historians, using evidence and artefacts to help us learn loads of interesting facts all about life in Edinburgh hundreds of years ago. Mr Howie also told us lots of interesting and gruesome stories about events from the past. Everyone listened amazingly, engaged in the learning and represented our class brilliantly. I hope everyone has managed to warm up now! 

Spaghetti Tower Building

Back in August, budding Engineers from Primary 5 were given the challenge of building a tower from spaghetti. The tower was to stand as high as possible. This led to lots of discussion on structures and the shapes used for strength and of the need for a strong base.  Below are some of the towers we built (and a few that didn’t quite work out).