Month: September 2017

Funny Friday

Johannes and Ruraidh had some of the class in stitches with their comedy show this morning during Golden Time. And Theo and Joel made an excellent start to their amazing comic. Enjoy the weekend everyone and remember about our next Old Edinburgh trip on Wednesday! 


P5B visit Gladstone’s Land

We really enjoyed our trip to Gladstone’s Land today. It gave us a real insight into what life might have been like 400 years ago in Edinburgh. We dressed up in some rather fetching outfits and enjoyed a tour of the house. We also went out onto the Royal Mile itself and imagined we were market sellers. Well done for representing our class and school so brilliantly 5B! 

Wonderful Writers

This week we were focusing on using powerful adjectives in our descriptive writing. We created mind maps of words based on a picture stimulus and then set about writing a short but powerful description. Once everyone had finished their writing they self and peer assessed their work. It’s always great to see the class really excited to share what they have done with each other. Keep up the brilliant writing guys!

More maths fun!

Once again, we began the day with more fun maths activities. Our focus has been addition using either the empty number line or vertical addition strategies. Everyone worked really well and it was great to hear learners sharing how they solved problems.

Number of the day

We have been using number of a day as a way of developing and discussing maths strategies for a few weeks now. It has allowed us to share how we solve a variety of numeracy problems and revisit some basic skills that can sometimes be forgotten. Here is a little look at today’s number of the day work…

Meeting our buddies

P5B were very excited to be meeting their new P2 buddies this afternoon. We met up and spent time together in the playground. I was really pleased to see P5B being so kind and caring to their buddies. We are all really excited for the fun we will have this year!