Month: September 2016

Roman Writers

P4C have a go at writing in Roman cursive script on replica Roman wax tablets borrowed from Archeology Scotland.   BloggerImageBloggerImageBloggerImageBloggerImageBloggerImageBloggerImageBloggerImageBloggerImageBloggerImageBloggerImage



A big congratulations to Catie and Claude we were successful in our recent elections. Claude will be our class Pupil Council Rep and Catie is our Eco Rep this year. Well done to everyone who chose to put themselves forward for the roles.

Eco Rep p4b

Just a reminder that the p4b Eco Rep vote will be happening on Monday the 26th September. If you are keen to become our class Eco Rep then have a short speech prepared explaining why you would be a best suited for the job! 

Our p1 Buddies

Since the beginning of the year p4b have asked about meeting their buddies almost every day! They were delighted to finally meet with their buddies on Monday  and are really looking forward to being brilliant buddies this year.

Colour experiment

We will be looking at the work of Wassily Kandinsky over the next few weeks in art. We began yesterday by looking at colour mixing. We created secondary colours and enjoyed creating different tones. Look out here for more art work from p4b!