Month: August 2016

Terrific Teamwork!

Now that we have created identities and logos for our table teams it was time to use group work skills to complete a problem solving challenge. Using only string and an elastic band the teams had to make a tower of paper cups without using touching the cups with there hands. Lots of great group work! Well done p4b! 


Meet the Teacher

Just another reminder that we would like to welcome families to come and meet your child’s new teacher on Tuesday 30th August between 3:30 -4pm.

P4A – room 11 (main building)
P4B – hut 2
P4C – hut 1 
We look forward to seeing you then.
Best wishes, 
The p4 Team 

Welcome p4b!

We have started off the year with lots of fun paired and group tasks. Everyone was really welcoming to our 3 new class members and it’s been great to catch up with some pupils I know very well and get to know some new ones too! 

Here is a little snapshot of our first day.

The children shared some great ideas for what they would like to make their learning environment work for them.

Johannes shared his brilliant reading challenge success from the summer. Well done once again! 

We worked in pairs to do a summer holiday scavenger hunt. 

Lots of happy faces during our ‘Maths About Me’ activity.
We finished the afternoon by looking at the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child. We talked about our rights and responsibilities in school and began to make our Class Charter.

Well done everyone for making our first day in p4b together such a good one. See you all tomorrow!