Month: December 2014

P2B and P5B Buddy Puppet Show

Mrs Cave and Mrs Maguire invited their P2 Buddy Class to join them for an end of term show. P5B pupils collaborated in groups to write, rehearse and perform playscripts using wooden spoon puppets for their P2 Buddies who loved their Puppet Shows!


P2C and P5C Buddy Puppet Show

Ms Dodds’ class were invited to a wonderful end of term puppet show on Thursday 18th December by Mrs McVicker’s P5C class. Pupils in P5 worked so hard together in groups to write playscripts – all with a twist on the Red Riding Hood story – create puppets of their characters then rehearse and perform to their P2 Buddies.  Such high quality work: in preparation, group work and performance. And so lovely to see the buddies spending time together.

The stage was set…

The audience was ready…
The actors knew their lines…
And the performers took a well deserved bow to rapturous applause.

Buddy mingling after the show