Pupils lead the learning

Good job by all the groups in 5B for working so co-operatively to create interesting and engaging transport presentations.


Sports Day

A selection of snaps from sports day.

Scottish Meal

P5B have excelled themselves by working together to create a Scottish 3 course banquet!! Many of them certainly enthusiastically consumed what was created!

A massive thank you to the parents who gave up their time and helped make it such a success!

Recipes to follow …

Watch out for these chefs on Master Chef in the future!

Pupil led number of the day

We have been using number of the day throughout the year to develop our numeracy skills. For the final few weeks of term the pupils have enjoyed taking the lead. Groups have created their own presentations with a variety of challenging questions. They then have had to be the teachers, help their peers and hear how others worked out the answers. I’ve been super impressed and Mrs Robertson and I have enjoyed getting to be the pupils!

A Busy Day in P5B

We have had a really busy and successful day in 5B today. We started the day with a very relaxing art lesson. Using the grid method, we developed our observational drawing skills to help with proportion and scale.

Everyone ended up with their art on the ‘wonderful work’ washing line. It was too hard just to choose some!

Next we went out to the playground to play a game which helped us understand how to find a fraction of an amount. Everyone worked really well in their teams.

We then came back inside to work through some fraction word problems. It was great to see everyone sharing their thinking and strategies with growing confidence.

In the afternoon we carried on our poetry work. We have been studying ‘From a Railway Carriage’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. Today the class worked in groups to learn a section of the poem, adding expression and actions and then we performed it as a class. Everyone enjoyed watching it back on the iPad after.

P5 Summer Fair Stalls

Primary 5 were magnificent on Saturday at the summer fair. They organised their stalls so well, explained the rules to customers, managed money and prizes and made money for the school. We have lots of fabulous entrepreneurs.

P5 Entrepreneurs

P5 did themselves proud today showing their business acumen at the school fair! Their commitment and dedication was outstanding! Well done and thank u! A few pics of the fun…